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Songs that are direct, beautiful, sometimes quirky, sometimes funny but above all, songs that go straight to the heart.


Singer-songwriter Bob Snider has played on the street and in the concert hall. He’s been called a “national treasure”, a “living legend” and “author of some of the best Canadian songs of the decade”. After a hiatus from performing and recording, Bob Snider returns with a new album “Stealin’ Home”. Produced by David Baxter, the new CD contains 13 new songs that are quintessentially Bob. Songs that are direct, beautiful, sometimes quirky, sometimes funny but above all, songs that go straight to the heart.

In Bob’s own words:

“The devil does not drag you kicking and screaming into hell. The devil makes you a deal. I don’t believe in the devil. I’m just using it as a metaphor, OK? But nobody’s forced. People make deals. They’re talked into it. Everybody around them is nervous and worried about the future and security and all this stuff. So you get sucked into the machine. But I was never tempted. It just revolts me, the whole thing. I guess that’s why I’m a folk singer.”

Bob’s songs have been covered by a who’s who of Canadian musicians including Ashley MacIsaac, Meryn Cadell and the Leslie Spit Tree-O. His earlier recordings include two cassettes, “Live at the Free Times Cafe” and “You” and two CDs, “Caterwaul and Doggerel” and “Words and Pictures”. “Poetreason”, a Bob Snider tribute concert recording dating back to 1996, includes performances by the likes of The Barenaked Ladies, Change of Heart and Moxy Fruvous, to name a few.

Bob is an exceptional live performer with his warmth and wit putting just the right off-beat spin on his live shows.

Nominated in two East Coast Music Awards categories: Male Vocalist of the Year and Video of the Year for “Darn Folksinger.”

Juno nominee for Best Roots/Traditional Album 1997


“We LOVE Bob Snider. He’s an amazing songwriter and an amazing personality.”
Steven Page
The Barenaked Ladies

“Bob Snider….author of some of the best Canadian songs of the decade”
Dave Bidini
Toronto Star

“…he performed a set of simple, homespun blues and folk that his fans know so well but never seem to tire of…if there would be one folk singer to carry the flag for the genre, Snider would make an ideal representative. He embodies everything that is good about folk”
James Marck
NOW Magazine

“When Bob Snider picks up his classical guitar and starts to sing, it’s a pure and powerful expression”
Mike Beggs
EYE Magazine

“The wily, witty Snider regularly bags rousing ovations…. He can charm a laugh out of the most cynical music vet”
Christopher Jones
Words and Music Magazine

“We love Bob Snider…. He’s an amazing songwriter and an amazing personality”
Steven Page
Barenaked Ladies

“Bob’s a living legend…. His sheer ability to entertain commands respect, and there’s no one more deserving of a serious listen'”
Robert Earl Keen Jr.
Exclaim Magazine

“To see this man sing such exquisitely crafted tunes with such melody and feeling is a truly remarkable musical experience… a talent not to be missed”
Mark de Boer
Exclaim Magazine

“One of our best songwriters”
Jenny Punte
Soundcan Magazine

“Incredibly witty songs”
John Keily
Kitchener Waterloo Record

“Observant, often hilarious songs built of such sturdy, natural simplicity, you’d think they had written themselves”
Tom Harrison
Vancouver Province

“The songwriters’ songwriter”
Sandy MacDonald
The Daily News, Halifax



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