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Brilliant and tuneful topical songs. (Yes, she is that Nancy White – the woman who wrote and sang hundreds of songs about the news for CBC radio’s Sunday Morning.) Nancy @ MySpace


Who is this woman, Nancy White, of whom no one is talking enough?

Singer, slacker mom, minimalist banjo player, despairing CBC listener, annoying driver, Borealis recording artist, list slave, mouton chaser, lapsed Maritimer, reluctant gardener, occasional blonde, novelty song writing champ, and president of the Palmerston Institute for Inquiry into Peculiar Behaviours, Nancy White tries to be some things to some people and succeeds, dammit.

Yes, she is that Nancy White – the woman who wrote and sang hundreds of songs about the news for CBC radio’s Sunday Morning, between 1976 and 1994.

In 1990 she recorded a much-loved (and reportedly therapeutic) song collection called Momnipotent: Songs for Weary Parents, the perfect Mother’s Day gift, and she got to sing some of those songs in a series of fabulous symphony pops concerts.

This year she moved back into the big band world with a concert with the Prince Edward Island Symphony, conducted by James Mark.

Nancy has played all over Canada in theatres, and at folk and comedy festivals. This summer she’s hosting a Leonard Cohen tribute at the Vancouver Folk Festival, July 16-18, and will perform with The Three-Headed Trio at the Blue Skies Festival in Clarendon, Ontario.

The Three-Headed Trio is a meeting of the mindless: Nancy and the brilliant comic singers Roger James and Wendell Ferguson have combined forces, and will tour the Maritimes in January and many parts of Ontario in February in Songs with Punchlines.

She also does a show called Peculiar Behaviours with her piano player Bob Johnston and Roger James.

Nancys latest CD, Stickers on Fruit (Borealis) is a mixture of comedy and straight songs, which people seem to like. For instance, Betsy Wellings wrote in the Victory Music Review: “Stickers on Fruit contains seventeen cuts, each a work of art, dazzling in its wit and musicality… every song is a gem… a finely crafted work by a true professional in the folk music industry”. (Bad reviews available on request. A small fee, plus GST, will be charged for this service.)

Other CDs include Gaelic Envy, Nancy White: Unexpected, and Pumping Irony, and she previously recorded a series of political cassettes, including Songs of the Spanish Civil War and other Struggles, performed with guitarist Rick Whitelaw.

Her song “River Mend My Heart” is included on the lovely, just-released Canoe Songs produced by Paul Mills. (, and to Nancy’s delight, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer sang “And I Copied It” on the 2004 pre-Grammy NPR show Morning Edition.

This season she’s done several (non-musical) commentaries for the TVO health show Second Opinion.

Accepting a somewhat daunting challenge, Nancy has agreed to teach songwriting and stage deportment at the amazing Ontario music camp, “The Woods” in August.

Nancy White usually appears in concert with the witty piano picker Bob Johnston and, on occasion, with her teenage daughters The Wilde Sisters – they’re the ones who sing “My God My Mom” on “Stickers on Fruit”.

Ms.White lives in Toronto.



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