360° - All Points of the Compass


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Tom Lewis - 360° - All Points of the Compass

Tom's latest CD for Borealis 360° is a vibrant mix of songs that convey Tom's abiding passion for singable songs from, quite literally, all points of the compass! Aided and abetted by Tanglefoot, Collins and Mageean, Broadside and Seattle's legendary Daily Flash you'll find songs of the Victorian era comic opera, traditional songs of the sea, a song to celebrate St. Patrick's Day as well as collaborations with Rudyard Kipling and R.L. Stevenson. As has been customary with Mr. Lewis you'll be both delighted ... and surprised.

Track Listing

  1. Radio Times
  2. Port of Call
  3. Nassau Bound
  4. St. Patrick's Song
  5. Christmas at Sea
  6. Towrope Girls
  7. Dutchman's Trousers
  8. The Land
  9. The Nipper
  10. Blow the Man Down
  11. According to the Act
  12. The Bos'n, the Gunner and Me
  13. If I Had a Boat
  14. One Big Ocean
  15. Down by the Dockyard Wall
  16. Goodbye
  17. "Hidden Track"
Product Code: BCD156