Agnes on the Cowcatcher


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Tanglefoot - Agnes on the Cowcatcher

Championing the cause of Canadian history and mythology, Tanglefoot releases their fifth CD, their second on Borealis Records. "Agnes on the Cowcatcher" is a rich and varied mosaic of 14 new original songs of pride, passion, mayhem, splendour, muscle, tears, lust, longing, nerve, wit, honour and passion. From rural Quebec to Alberta's Oldman River, from a forgotten Niagara Falls hero to a noble war-time gesture on Lake Ontario, from bitter reflection of a life wasted to the joy of a life just begun, the songs tell essential Canadian stories. This is quintessential Tanglefoot, armed with boundless energy and their trademark vocal harmonies. Each of the five band members takes their turn on lead and harmony vocals. Joe Grant covers fiddle and guitar; Al Parrish plays Bartlett bass; Rob Ritchie is on piano and accordion; Steve Ritchie handles guitar, whistle, needles and boots; Terry Young is on mandolin, guitar, banjo, tenor banjo and harmonica. Musicians: Joe Grant: vocals, fiddle and guitar. Al Parrish: vocals, Bartlett bass. Rob Ritchie: vocals, piano, accordion. Steve Ritchie: vocals, guitar, whistle, needles, boots. Terry Young: vocals, mandolin, guitar, banjo, tenor banjo, harmonica. Produced by: Paul Mills and Steve Ritchie

Track Listing

  1. Backyard Sailor
  2. Feu Follet
  3. The Commodore's Compliments
  4. Miners and Mercy
  5. Radioman
  6. Summer Ghosts
  7. Little Soldiers
  8. The Garden
  9. Crashin' Down
  10. Roll On Jamaica / Agnes on the Cowcatcher
  11. Willow Dan
  12. God Had A Plan
  13. The Midwife's Dance
  14. Our Field This Side of Heaven
Product Code: BCD143