The Gauntlet


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Nathan Rogers - The Gauntlet

The powerful singing and songwriting tradition of the Rogers family continues strong and true on Nathan Rogers' debut album for Borealis Records.  Nathan delivers tales of vengeance, abandonment, disillusion, anger and, finally redemption and freedom - personal themes for a universal audience. The Gauntlet was recorded in Winnipeg, Manitoba during the winter of 2009.  In Nathan's words, "I had a lot of fun writing and recording these and I took some risks in the process, all of which I hope you appreciate.  This album was therefore my own gauntlet to run, my own set of challenges to face and obstacles to overcome.  That being said, I hope you can find something of yourself here." Joining Nathan are fellow Winnipeggers, Gilles Fournier, Keri Latimer and several members of The Duhks - Leonard Podolak, Tania Elizabeth, Christian Dugas and Jordan McConnell. Produced by Jaxon Haldane & Nathan Rogers

Track Listing

  1. The Gauntlet
  2. The Jewel Of Paris
  3. Land Of The Living Skies
  4. Fingerprints
  5. Carmerica
  6. Better Than Me
  7. Billboard Babies
  8. Naamche Bazzar
  9. Willie O' Winsbury
  10. Moving Mountains
  11. The Puddler's Tale
  12. The Last Word
Product Code: BCD196