October 7, 2020

Braden Gates carries on the great songwriting tradition of folks like John Prine and Guy Clark

Release Date: October 23, 2020

Braden Gates first album on Borealis Records features his world-weary songwriting skills, despite being a young new face on the folk music scene. Songs that paint honest portraits of everyday working men and women, in the backdrop of Canadian daily living.

Braden Gates’ writing is much like that of singer-songwriters Guy Clark and John Prine. Layered songs on “Kitchen Days” bounce from emotional depth and stark imagery to find humour in everyday life. With his unique take on life and love, Braden introduces us to the characters he meets while working in a restaurant’s kitchen. Like great writers before him he delivers honest portraits of everyday people.

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Recorded and mixed by Harry Gregg at Riverdale Recorders in Edmonton, Alberta. Mastered by Mr. Smith Productions. Joining Braden on this album are: Gord Matthews (lap slide), Anh Phung (harmony vocal, piano, piccolo), Dan Stadnicki (percussion), and Celeigh Cardinal (harmony vocals).

"Whether through a musical lick or a lyric this one sneaks up on you."
– Tom Murray, Penguin Eggs

"Kitchen Days is a good ‘un."
– Les Siemieniuk

"Gates’ warm and slightly gravelly voice relays stories that are funny and heartbreaking – usually
over the course of the same tune. Full of wit and wisdom, folksy charm and sharp observations,
Gates’ compositions are relevant and, strangely, very rooted in the present – even if he plays that
fiddle and picks that guitar like an artist three times his age."
– Calgary Folk Music Festival

"Beyond any specific tune, Gates’ gifts as a wordsmith, or his talents arranging fine melodies for
acoustic strings, there’s an intangible quality to the man’s work – call it sincerity – that makes you
want to listen. His tunes remind you again why we’re all called to explore art at some time or
other, for that sense of sharing the common human experience."
– Edmonton Journal

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