50 Shades of Red

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Linda McRae – 50 Shades of Red

50 Shades of Red brings together 16 great songs taken from Linda’s four critically acclaimed solo albums. Playing guitar, banjo and accordion and with a voice equally warm and world-weary McRae’s stories are stand-alone gems sketching out solitary men as convincingly as forthright female romantics. One song breaks your heart, the next one puts it back together.

« Linda’s music intrigues like a sepia postcard from the past, but is vibrant and alive and very much of the present. The singing and playing
are just right. And that is a great accomplishment indeed. »

Eddie Schwartz

“I’d be hard pressed to name an artist who has upped the ante to such a degree at this stage of an artistic journey. Her command of the instruments she plays is impressive and her assured confidence as a singer infuses that much more range and emotion to a lyric.”
Peter North, CKUA

« When all the trends fade and become dated, and all the music from the cutting edge becomes dull, Linda McRae will continue to stand tall, singing and playing music with honest soul and humility, cutting through the fog with her timeless clarity. Linda is one of the true, soulful pioneers of honest roots music. Her singing and playing brings honour to her heroes and toher friends and fans. »
Colin Linden

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