Silence at the heart of things

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Silence at the Heart of Things is a documentary about Oliver Schroer, fiddler extraordinaire. In a career cut short by illness, the Canadian artists recorded and produced more than 100 albums, composed some 1,000 pieces of music and inspired a generation of young musicians. The film follows Oliver in the last months of his life as he collaborates with musicians who have come from abroad to work with him. Through his own words, the documentary explores Oliver’s music and the unique voice he brought to his instrument, a voice that challenges traditional views of the fiddle. Featuring excerpts from Oliver’s last sold-out concert, Silence a the Heart of Things is a joyful celebration of his life’s work.

Track Listing

  1. Grace
  2. Life on the River
  3. The Lord’s Prayer
  4. Field of Stars
  5. Tears of Mary
  6. The View from Here Sisyphus
  7. Jason’s Stamp
  8. Friendship Song Prayerful Hymn
  9. Love March

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