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From its inception, Borealis Records has been an all-Canadian label. However, good music doesn’t respect boundaries and to that end we have created W2 Music as a home for wonderful music from other parts of the world.
Scottish songwriter Karine Polwart is the first artist on W2 Music. Polwart’s songwriting is considered some of the best today. Her lyrics are incisive, topical and poetic all at once, and are delivered with a clear and confident voice.
“For me” says Polwart, “music is one of the most powerful ways of making sense of the world. It’s for celebrating, grieving, sharing, wondering. Nothing inspires me more than the realization that any one of my songs means something to someone else.”
Joining Karine Polwart (acoustic & tenor guitar, Indian harmonium, shruti-box, percussion & vocals) on Traces are brother, Steven Polwart (acoustic & electric guitars) and Inge Thomson (piano accordion, glockenspiel, percussion, sansula & vocals). (marimba, snare & vibraphone), Alex Trotter (trumpet). Produced by Iain Cook.
“Orchestral yet intimate which perfectly complements Polwart’s intelligently
sincere lyrics.”
Songlines ★★★★★
“Traces shimmers with poetry, humanity & what I can only describe as sheer wonder.”
Scotsman ★★★★★
“Like a book of short stories set to music, full of stunning nuances and
BBC Music
“One of the finest singer-songwriters in Britain.”
The Guardian ★★★★
“An impressively mature collection.”
Independent ★★★★

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