Another Day’s Journey

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(Français) Avec Another Day’s Journey, son plus récent album paru en 2010 sur étiquette Borealis, Ken Whiteley nous emmène faire la tournée des endroits qui, au fil des ans, l’ont inspiré et influencé aussi bien musicalement que personnellement.

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Ken Whiteley – Another Day’s Journey

“Greetings from my journey! I’ve had a great time visiting some wonderful musical friends and have been inspired by trips to various places from my past, present and future. I went all the way back to my jug band and classic blues roots and recorded a couple of duets with MARIA MULDAUR. On a day in Brooklyn with blues great GUY DAVIS and Les Paul’s last bass player, NICKI PARROTT, we had a mini hootenanny with tunes, old and new. DUANE ANDREWS came all the way from Newfoundland to add his sparkling guitar to some swing and blues locales. I’ve also been looking ahead with my friends KIM & REGGIE HARRIS. Reggie and I collaborated on a couple of new songs that we’ve packaged up here with sacred steel star, CHUCK CAMPBELL. Along the way I’ve been helped out by the great singing of my friendsDAVID WALL, AMOY LEVY and JOANNA CHAPMAN-SMITH, instrumental support from brother CHRIS WHITELEY and rock solid playing from my son BEN WHITELEY, drummer BUCKY BERGER and national treasure, pianist JOE SEALY.
I hope this recording will be as joyful and memorable a trip for you as it has been for me.”
– Ken Whiteley, 2010

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