Full-Throated Abandon

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Tanglefoot’s new release, their first on Borealis will grab you by the ears and won’t let you go! This is a high-powered record from one of Canada’s best live folk bands.

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Tanglefoot – Full-Throated Abandon

Tanglefoot is a stunning five-piece band from Ontario that is making waves across Canada, the U.S., and Britain with their vigorous, energetic style, huge vocal sound, and exhilarating performances. Their music has an unmistakable sound combining traces of Celtic, French-Canadian, Ottawa Valley aud maritime influences with a “stack-of-Marshalls” delivery. With Full Throated Abandon, Tanglefoot continues its reputation for infusing tradition with innovation. Featuring excellent songwriting. strong vocals, solid musicianship, and compelling arrangernents, Full Throated Abandon brings you fascinating stories, interesting characters, and songs you won’t forget. There are stories about life on the sea (“One More Night,” “The Angel of Longpoint”), predicaments caused by alcohol (“Pouring Days,” “The Floating Bridge of Ennisrnoore”), the old days of hockey (“Seven a Side”), the painful journeys of older people (“Minnie’s Lullabye”), and more all delivered with energy and inventiveness. Full Throated Abandon will grab you by the ears and won’t let you go. Produced by Paul Mills.

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