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In his follow-up to On Songwriting (GP, 2005), acclaimed musician Bob Snider tackles the subject of performing. At turns self-deprecating and jokingly grandiose, Snider provides tips for effective performing and stories from the trenches. With thoughts on everything from stagefright, interruptions, timing and humour, to venues, bookings, organization and encores, Snider’s prose is itself a lesson on performance. The book begins by placing the reader in a hypothetical boot camp. As drill sergeant, Snider then proceeds to run through the basics of preparing material for performance. The tone is dramatic, but the advice solid. With passages on stage etiquette, making the best of an unfavourable crowd, uniting an audience, mastering the delivery of a joke and organizing one’s time on stage, On Performing offers valuable insight gleaned from personal experience. Central to Snider’s theory is his belief in the relationship between audience and performer, in the sense of trust, control and generosity that fosters unity among audience members, and the importance of genuine connection between audience and performer. With accompanying illustrations by the author, On Performing is an excellent source of inspiration and know-how for the seasoned performer and the tongue-tied alike. ACCORDING TO THE AUTHOR: I’ve always wanted to get my two cents in about performing. Sometimes, as someone’s come off stage, I’ve wanted to take them aside and say “Look, if you would only…” Through circumstances I ended up writing an essay on songwriting first, which Gaspereau published. The proposed performing essay then moved onto my official “to do” list (between sweep floor and save world) and Gaspereau accepted it as well. I even illustrated it. There are as many ways to write a song as there are people. But there is only one way to perform, and this, I believe, is it. Bob Snider is one of Canada’s most celebrated performers. Born and raised in Toronto, he spent several years as a resident of Nova Scotia before returning to his hometown as a busker in 1986. To date he has released seven albums, most recently Stealin’ Home (2002) and A Maze in Greys (2007). Snider tours widely and has appeared at shows and festivals across North America. His first book, On Songwriting, was published by Gaspereau Press in 2005. This book is a smyth-sewn paperback, bound into a paper cover with a letterpress-printed jacket. The text was typeset by Andrew Steeves in Apollo and printed offset on laid paper. Contains thirteen illustrations by the author. ISBN 1554470420. PAPERBACK. Book: 5-1/4″ wide x 8-1/2″

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