Six Strings North of the Border Vol 1

CAD $9.99

Gordie Sampson, Eve Goldberg, Bruce Cockburn, Jason Fowler, Ken Hamm & Doug Cox, Dave Macon, Rick Whitelaw, Jean Hewson, Thomas Handy Trio, Stephen Fearing, Don Ross, Rick Fielding, David Essig, J.P. Cormier, Bob Evans, Dave Clarke



Various Artists – Six Strings North of the Border Vol 1

From contemporary guitar wizardry to the more traditional stylings of celtic, blues, folk, and jazz musicians, Canada is fortunate to be home to some of the best acoustic guitar music being made today. Now Borealis is proud to present a new CD featuring some of the best of that music. Six Strings North of the Border showcases the incredible range and quality of Canada’s acoustic guitarists. Producer Bill Garrett has lovingly assembled fifteen cuts that range in style from celtic to bluegrass to ragtime to swing to modern guitar pyrotechnics and everything in between.

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