Two Night Solo

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Solo performances by Terry Tufts, acclaimed singer and guitarist, recorded live at Ottawa's Rasputins folk club.

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Terry Tufts – Two Night Solo

Terry Tufts won broad acclaim for his first Borealis release “Walk On” Where That album was a great studio album (produced by Ian Tamblyn) This time out Two Nights Solo” features just Terry and his guitar on stage at Ottawa’s Rasputins folk club. It’s in this live setting where you can hear just what a great player and singer Terry really is and why he is held in such esteem by his peers. From the yearning musician on stage in “Marylou In Burgundy” to the pure exuberence of “Tearing Up The Tundra” Terry paints personal and evocotive pictures that take the listener into the song whether it’s in the here and now or to other places and times. On the instrumental side fans of acoustic guitar music will be knocked out by the virtuosity of instrumentals like “Soaker” and “H’aid nor h’aire” Two Nights Solo was recorded at live Rasputins Folk Café in Ottawa in 1998. Recording was by Les Tibbo and mastering by Ken Friesen.
“Tufts writes with wit and charm.” -The Ottawa Citizen
“… one of the finest finger-style guitarists in Canada.” -CBC Radio

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