Unabashedly Folk

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Singer-songwriter-instrumentalist Grit Laskin’s first two albums re-mastered and re-released on CD. A real treasure!

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Grit Laskin – Unabashedly Folk

A double CD re-release of Laskin’s first two albums “Unmasked” and “Lila’s Jig”
Grit Laskin is a well-known singer, songwriter, guitar maker, inlay artist and author with four solo albums to his credit. He began his musical career as a member of the legendary raucous Canadian folk group “Friends of Fiddler’s Green,” who – for over 30 years – have specialized in music based in British traditions, performing at festivals and folk clubs across North America. As a solo performer, Grit has shifted from writing music in traditional idioms to to the more complex, diverse and strongly topical songs on his most recent albums “A Few Simple Words” and “Earthly Concerns” Now, in response to repeated requests from fans for his earlier recordings (which originally came out on Stan Rogers’ Fogerty’s Cove label), Borealis is releasing these first two albums in one double CD called “Unabashedly Folk: Songs and Tunes 1979 – 1985.” This special double CD includes “Unmasked” and “Lila’s Jig” in their entirety, plus two previously unreleased tracks. “Unabashedly Folk” shows the early roots of Grit’s remarkable writing talent. There are his witty spoofs on traditional music like “The Photographers,” “The Upper Class Shanty,” “Cosmic and Freaky,” and “A Fair Maid Walking.” There are his songs dealing with social and political issues (“End of a Pointed Gun,” “A Lucky Man,” “It’s Not the Life For Me”), original and traditional tunes, and more. Grit shows his instrumental skill on guitar, tenor mandolin, and Northumbrian smallpipes. He’s joined by guests Ian Robb, Ann Lederman, Brian Pickell, Paul Mills, Garnet Rogers and the inimitable Friends of Fiddler’s Green on choruses. Grit was the first musician Stan Rogers chose to record on his Fogerty’s Cove label besides himself. The 90 minutes of music packed into this 2-CD set will show you why.
“One of the best and most important folk artists in the country.”-Stan Rogers
“Grit Laskin… is remarkable.”-The Midnight Special, WFMT Chicago
“If Phil Ochs were alive today, he’d be Grit Laskin’s biggest fan.”-Christine Lavin

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