September 15, 2022

James Keelaghan at the top of his game with release of Second-Hand

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Keelaghan - Second Hand
Available September 16, 2022

Borealis Records are exceptionally pleased to announce that JUNO and CFMA award winning singer-songwriter James Keelaghan has just put the finishing touches to a fantastic new album entitled, Second Hand.

James’ songwriting has often been cited for its keen sense of history. With Second Hand he takes on a number of topical issues of concern to us all. This, coupled with a command of the language and delivered with an unmistakably rich baritone it’s not surprising that James has come to be considered one of Canada’s all-time great singer songwriters.

Second Hand finds James at the top of his game with ten new songs including co-writes with Catherine MacLellanLynn MilesJD EdwardsCara Luft and Dave Gunning. Joining James in the studio is long time musical pal David Woodhead Bass, Bob Stagg Keyboards, and guitarists Bob Cohen, Dave Clarke and Joe Grass. Harmony vocals were provided by Pharis & Jason Romero and Kelly Prescott. The album was produced at The Treatment Room in Montreal by Bill Garrett.

Contemporary folk songs, at their very best, offer an insight into the hardships, attitudes, and resolve of characters and events that shape our lives. These are the components at the basis of JUNO and CFMA award winning songwriter James Keelaghan’s songs.

Through ten solo albums Keelaghan has created a repertoire of incalculable importance. From the historical Hillcrest Mine and Cold Missouri Waters to Kiri’s Piano (a triumph over adversity), Keelaghan delivers stories that touch the heart and remind us all of our shared history and humanity.

It’s not surprising that Dave Marsh, the eminent Rolling Stone critic, simply described Keelaghan as “Canada’s finest songwriter.”

Keelaghan’s latest album Second Hand finds James at the top of his game with ten new songs that include co-writes with Catherine MacLellanLynn Miles, and Dave Gunning. “I love co-writing,” he says, “it’s the spark that gets me motivated – the fresh approach to a lyric or a different way of forming a melody for a song is so stimulating. Besides, it’s also a great impetus to finish the song.”

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