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An Artist-Friendly Home for Canadian 
Folk and Roots Music

Borealis Records was created in 1996 to answer a need in Canada’s musical spectrum. Grit Laskin, Bill Garrett, Paul Mills and Ken Whiteley, musicians all, pooled their ideas, their experience and their resources, to establish the Company with these goals as its mandate:

1) To record only Canadian artists.
2) To seek out artists from all of Canada’s regions.
3) To enter into ethical artist agreements that are fair and typically more generous than what is the industry standard.
4) To present all the diverse styles of music under the Folk and
Roots umbrella: Celtic, Blues, Singer/songwriters, Political/Topical, Traditional, Bluegrass, World, etc.

We believe this music is timeless and relevant in that it plays an important role in our everyday lives. Folk and Roots music connects to our real lives in ways that bland, mega-corporate-driven Pop cannot.

We are proud of what we’ve achieved in our first 20 years: a steadily expanding roster of some 60 artists and a catalogue of over 200 titles creating an exhilarating diversity of music. As each year goes by we feel the name Borealis has become more and more synonymous with the very best in Canadian Folk and Roots music.
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